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Moodle Instructor: How to submit a quiz with 'Never Submitted' status


Occasionally a student will take a quiz or exam but the attempt shows as 'Never Submitted'. If this should happen, the fix is pretty easy. You will need to change the settings until the student starts the new attempt, as explained in the steps below but you can change them back after the student(s) has submitted the "new" attempt (no worries, they do not have to take it over!)


Solution Steps

First, click on the quiz and in the Quiz Administration block, click Edit Settings.

Follow the steps below saving your changes.

1. Update the quiz : set the "close the quiz" date after today

2. Set "When time expires" to "There is a grace period .. pick a few minutes."

3. Under Grade set "Attempts allowed" to "unlimited".

4. Question behavior: Each attempt builds on the last "Yes". 

5. Invite the students who did not submit/close their exams to go back to the exam and Re-attempt quiz, and then click Submit all and finish immediately, as shown in the two screenshots below.

Quiz Re-attempt quiz.PNG

Quiz-Submit All and Finish.PNG

This step is how the problem will be solved because the student will be building on an attempt that was actually completed, so when they submit, their entire exam will be intact.