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Students: Clarkson Accounts Set Up

Welcome to Clarkson University! Please take the following steps to set up your accounts for access to email and other student services.  

Step-by-step guide

  1. Set up Your Clarkson University Password
    • To get started click on "Forgotten Password" at the bottom and follow the prompts.
    • The following student account information has already been sent to you. If you don’t have access to it, please call the helpdesk at 315-268-HELP (x4357). 
      • Username:
      • Student ID:
      • Pin:
      • Email:
  2. Duo Mobile for 2 Factor Authentication
    • Clarkson uses Duo Mobile for 2 factor authentication. To access Moodle, Peoplesoft, myCU and other Clarkson resources, you will need to first authenticate with your Clarkson credentials and then authenticate using Duo. The easiest way is to install the Duo Mobile app on your cell phone or tablet. Go to your device’s app store and install Duo Mobile app. This is a green icon with the white DUO on it. Make sure the app has access to your phone’s camera as you will be prompted to scan a QR code to complete activation.
    • Duo Set Up Help
    • Once installed you can choose to authenticate through Duo via a push notification to your device or enter a passcode. If your mobile device is not compatible with the Duo Mobile app then you will have to purchase a Duo hardware token which is available at the 2nd floor ERC Helpdesk for a charge of $30 that will be applied to your student bill.
  3. Login to myCU
    • Once you have created a password, please login to myCU to review any supporting materials needed. Once you arrive on campus, you will use myCU to monitor your personal education activity including grades, financial aid information, and scheduling.
    • Once you have logged into myCU, if you have not already done so please set your Clarkson Passphrase.
      • Click on the "Personal Information" tile at the bottom right of your Knight Hub homepage.  
      • Once you are on your "My Profile" page, on the left side menu click on the link "CU My PassPhrase" to set/update your passphrase.
      • Clarkson Passphrase Set: NO
  4. Login to Moodle
    • If required by major, Moodle is where you will take the Spatial, Physics and Mathematics Surveys. All students will use Moodle once courses begin in the Fall.
  5. Check Your Email
    • Gmail is our campus-wide e-mail and calendaring system. Your e-mail address is and the password will be the one you created in step 1. Use this e-mail account to ensure you do not miss important correspondence from your instructors and campus administrators.

Additional information for enrolling students can be found on CU & Me.

Help Desk: Get help when you need it

Online Knowledgebase on Help Articles

Call: 315-268-HELP (x4357)

Walk-in:2nd Floor ERC

Help Desk is open from Monday – Friday, see Hours.