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Zoom - Set up Polling and Breakout Rooms

In addition to sharing content on your screen, you may want to engage or get feedback from students. Polls and breakout rooms can be set up in Zoom either prior to the meeting or during the meeting.

Step-by-step guide

Set up a Zoom Poll

  1. Prior to a meeting, log into your account at and go to the meeting where you want to add a poll.
  2. Scroll down through the meeting setting to the Polls section. Click Create.


3. In the Create window, fill in the four steps in the template with the question(s) you want to ask.

poll example.png

4. You now have a poll showing in your Polls list. Edit your poll by clicking on the Edit pencil to the right of the poll.


5, During the meeting, click on the Polls icon to the left of the Share Screen icon and click to Launch the poll.


6. Discuss the results! Click End Poll when you have finished.


Set up Breakout Rooms

Group work takes place in online breakout rooms, which are set up by the host (teacher) of the online meeting. Breakout Rooms can be set up prior to the meeting or during the meeting.

As the teacher, you can assign students to breakout rooms, add a time limit for the group meetings, and check in on individual groups throughout the breakout time.

To Set up Groups during the Meeting

  1. Start the Zoom meeting
  2. Click on the Breakout Rooms icon on the bottom of the Zoom window. (If you do not see this icon, look under the …More icon.)


      3. The Create Breakout Room window will open. Make your choices for how many breakout rooms you need, whether you want Zoom to assign students randomly, whether you want to         manually add students to specific rooms, or whether students can pick their room.

      4. Click Create. Once you have clicked Create, you still have a chance to make choices and changes before clicking Open All Rooms:

       image2022-4-20_8-2-8.png  image2022-4-20_8-2-22.png

If you prefer to set up Breakout Rooms prior to the meeting:

  1. Log into your Zoom account and go to the meeting.
  2. Scroll down to the Meeting Options.
  3. Click to Edit Meeting
  4. Check the box for Breakout Room pre assign.
  5. Choose to Create Rooms or Import from CSV
  6. Follow directions depending upon your choices.


Get Help for Zoom

If you are unable to access Clarkson Zoom contact the Clarkson HelpDesk:

If you need help with the specifics for using Zoom, get help at the Zoom Help Center. C__hoose from Articles, Tutorials, Guides and Videos. All of this is also available in your Zoom meeting account in the lower left corner:


Did you know? Students at Clarkson have access to their own Zoom account.