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Echo360: Universal Capture: Start LIVE Capture from Desktop

Instructors may start or restart a LIVE Echo capture from the Desktop in the Classroom. 

Video Demonstration (3.5 min):

Step by Step Instructions:

  1. From the Desktop, launch Echo360 Universal Capture.

picture of pc desktop with arrow pointing to echo shortcut

2. At the prompt, the Instructor logs in to Echo360 with Clarkson credentials. 

When Echo360 Universal Capture launches, click pencil icon next to Edit Capture details.

picture of echo capture dashboard with arrow pointing to pencil edit icon

3. Fill in Title, reset Duration, select instructor's course from Publish To drop down, check Live Stream box.

Capture Details screen in Echo Capture

4. Start recording and wait for the Live stream to start.  

arrow pointing to record button on echo capture dashboard

Students should refresh their screen and look for recently added recordings where they access their Echo recordings in Moodle.