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SIMULIA software (Abaqus, Isight, etc.)

Installing and using SIMULIA Academic software on off-campus computers

Q. How do SIMULIA Academic licenses support use by students and faculty when they are off-campus?

A.  The SIMULIA software works via a “Floating License”, so you can install the application software on any and all computers you wish to use, including remote, student-owned computers.  So long as the remote computers can connect (via VPN or similar) to the License Server computer, the software will work for remote students and faculty, just like they were on campus.   If the remote computer can “ping” the license server successfully, it should be able to check out licenses of the software.  If not, there may be firewall issues or other network problems your IT staff will need to address.

Q. How do students and faculty get access to the SIMULIA software installation files to install the software on their own computers?

  1. Your University has one or more people serving as the official License Points of Contact (“License POCs”) who have credentials to download the SIMULIA software installation files from   These License POCs should download the software (typically a series of tar files) and make these files available to students and faculty.  Those looking to install the software on their own computers would then copy the install files to their computer and perform the installation.  

For Abaqus and the products of the SIMULIA Academic Suites, they would follow the installation instructions found at for the version of the SIMULIA Suite they are installing.  (They will need to create a login account the first time they go to this website.)   For the other SIMULIA software, the installation instructions are included as part of the installation files. 

Click HERE for a video showing the installation of the SIMULIA(Abaqus) Suite Version 2018

Click HERE for a video showing the installation of the SIMULIA(Abaqus) Suite Version 2019

Click HERE for a video showing the installation of the SIMULIA(Abaqus) Suite Version 2020

Only the Application software will be installed, NOT the license server.  During the installation process, you must identify the existing on-campus license server.  So the License POCs must provide this information to the students/faculty doing these installations.


server address/name:
port: 23089

Q.  What support is provided by SIMULIA during these installations?

A.  SIMULIA will provide installation support to the License POCs and others who currently have Support credentials in the DS support system.  There is no change is our Support Policy.  The number of individuals with support credentials at your school is limited.  Such individuals are often University IT staff.    These University staff will need to support the students/faculty installing on their local computers.    The support-enabled users at the University can create Support Requests on behalf of the students/faculty they are supporting, as needed.  But SIMULIA does not have the support resources to provide installation support directly to the individual students and faculty installing the software.