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AAA (Advanced Aircraft Analysis)

With the above download links, save the .exe files and run them with administrative rights to install each program.  Both AAA 4.0 and WkRuntime must be installed to launch AAA software.  Follow the onscreen instructions of each program using default settings.

Students will need to launch the WibuKey Software Protection app from Control Panel 
(if the WibuKey app is not visible, change the View by option from Category to Small Icons) as shown below.

1. Click on the Network tab.
2. Click on the User Specific pull-down menu and change it to Machine Specific.
3. Enter for the Server Name/IP address
4. Click Add button and then OK button.

NOTE: The AAA license server must be up at all times and that students pulling the licenses must also be connected to the Internet at all times to maintain the license connection.  If the Internet connection is poor or interrupted, the license request will be dropped and AAA software will not function.  For Clarkson University network, network firewall must open port 22347 to allow license requests.  If port 22347 is not available and another port number is preferred, then the network firewall must use port forwarding from 22347 to the preferred port number.