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Audio Video Controls for Classrooms and other common spaces

The Office of Information Technology's deploys and maintains all of the AV controls systems used in classrooms and common spaces like the Student Center MPRs, Adirondack Lodge, etc. 

We us a variety devices from  industry leader Extron Electronics signal switching and control.  Generally speaking, the AV controls allow for multiple input types such as HDMI and VGA and convert them all to a common output (usually HDMI).  In additional, the provide power controls (on/off) for projectors and separates the audio from the various inputs and routes it all through a single amplifier.  This results in a "self-service" model for AV controls that doesn't require remote controls for projectors or switching input sources

Standard Classroom Quick Start

Standard Classroom Quick Start

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1. Make sure the PC in the classrooms is turned on
2. Press the Display On button on the Extron MLC device
3. Press the PC button on on the Extron MLC device
1. Note there is a few second delay when switching sources
4. Use the Volume control to change audio level

Note: Because sources are processed electronically to a common output, there is a slight delay from the time that you press one of the different sources buttons until the time that is begins to show on the display (projector).

Standard Classroom Equipment List

Display On/Off turns the projector in the room on and off.

Volume controls the sound level of the whatever AV source is selected on the right hand side
Audio Video1.png Sources

PC - This will be the computer that is permanently installed in that area

HDMI - This is will be any external HDMI source such as a laptop

VGA - This will be any external VGA source such as a laptop
In addition, we provide external cable connections using an Extron WPB 109 or similar unit. Audio Video2.png
Both the Controller and the cable connection devices are mounted in a gang box and secured to the podium or similar fixture in the room Audio Video3.png