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AppsAnywhere - FAQs


How do I launch an app?
  1. In Clarkson computer labs and classrooms, click the  from the desktop.

  2. If required, log in using Clarkson AD.

  3. You should see a prompt asking if you to Open Launcher, as shown below. Click Open AppsAnywhere Launcher. If this is your first time, there will be an install.

  4. See Validating Session.

  5. See AppsAnywhere Player appear.

  6. You should see Validation Successful (though this message will disappear within a few seconds).

  7. Move the mouse cursor over the list of applications.

     You can quickly find applications by clicking on Search Apps and typing the name of the application you need.

  8. Click on the Launch button next to/under the application you want to load.

  9. See CloudPaging Player appear.

  10. See your chosen application Virtualizing.

  11. Within a few seconds, your chosen application should appear on screen.

  12. If you close the application and want to use it again, you can now launch the same application from the Windows Start Menu.
What credentials do I use to log into AppsAnywhere?

Use your Clarkson University domain username and password.  It is the same one that you use to access a PC on campus.

What is a Cloudpaging Player?

The Cloudpaging player is the software that resides in your systray, in the bottom right corner of Windows, that enables AppsAnywhere to stream the software to your PC.

What do I do when an application seems to be ‘stuck’ in the Cloudpaging player and it won’t let you stop or remove it?

Click on the application you want to remove. If the application is currently running, make sure you have saved any work, and click Stop. Once stopped, click Remove. The application will be removed.  This is only good for your session and it will not affect anyone else.  

If the application is "stuck" and you can't stop it,  just reboot your computer (after saving your work), and the application should now allow you to stop it and remove it.

 How do I request an application be put on Clarkson's AppsAnywhere?

Please send an email to  Be sure to include the name of the software, the license details, Vendor details, and where to download the software. One of our AppsAnywhere team will then be in touch.

Can I run AppsAnywhere software from my Mac?
Some applications are enabled to be ran on multiple platforms, including MacOS and iOS.  If an application is not available for your operating system, it will not appear in the AppsAnywhere app library.  If you need access to an app, use the Clarkson Help Desk Ticket Submission to submit a request.
Some of my applications have started behaving oddly.
 If this occurs, reboot your computer to reset the application and clear the cache.  
Will this require faculty and students to go to computer labs to access software?
No. Faculty and students can continue to access software installed on their own devices. As AppsAnywhere expands in phase two, licensed software will also be accessible to student, faculty and staff devices. 
What is the URL of AppsAnywhere?
Please visit for the CU AppsAnywhere