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Zoom - Registered Participants

If a host would like to keep track of who attends a Zoom meeting it would be done by requiring registered users. 

They would need to do two things : 

  • Enable Registered Participants
  • Get the reporting for the Meeting.  

This tutorial will show you both!

Step-by-step guide

Part 1 - Requiring Registered Participants

  1. First go to - click Sign In
  2. In the Meetings section click Schedule a New Meeting ( You can also edit an existing meeting).  


3. In the meeting settings the Registration section click the box that says Required


4. Make all of the other settings the way your normally would and click Save

Part 2 - Registered User Reports 

  1. In to the Zoom web portal navigate to Account Management click the disclosure arrow. 


2. Select Reports under Account Management in main page click Meeting.


3. If it ins't displayed use the search perimeters to find the meeting you want the report for.

4. Select the meeting that you want the report for AND the type (in this case Registration Report), then click the Generate button.  


5. Zoom will redirect you to the Report Queues tab where you can Download the report as a CSV file. You can open a CSV in a spreadsheet program. 

Types of reports for members

Meeting: The Meetings report option allows you to search for Registration Reports and Poll Reports for a meeting.  Registration lists the participants that attended and polling reports give results any polls that were taken during the meeting. 

Usage: The Usage report option, allows you to view a list of meetings, participants, and meeting minutes for meetings you have hosted.

Webinar: If you have the Webinar feature enabled, the Webinar report option allows you to search for Registration, Attendee, Performance, Q&A, and Poll Reports for webinars.
Note: The Webinar feature is an add-on license that costs $40/month.  If you would to like to enable that feature, please contact the helpdesk and provide them with a budget# to bill the monthly recurring charges to.  It can be turned on/off as needed, but you are billed for in full calendar month increments.