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How To Test Applications (Faculty)

While AppsAnywhere is being implemented, there are 2 ways to test applications in preparation for upcoming semesters.

Launching AppsAnywhere - In A Campus Lab

The computer labs in CAMP 163 and CAMP 171 are currently setup as a test lab where the full AppsAnywhere experience can be tested. 

  1. Login to a computer using your Clarkson network login.
  2. To launch, double-click the AppsAnywhere icon located on the desktop.


Launching AppsAnywhere - Outside Of A Campus Lab/Off Site

For testing and limited use only at this time, AppsAnywhere is accessible outside of the lab setting, on campus as well as off campus through a VPN connection.  Supported only for testing purposes at this time.

To access software using AppsAnywhere you will need Cloudpaging Player installed on your device. To install Cloudpaging Player

  1. If you are off campus - Connect to VPN
  2. Launch
  3. Log in to AppsAnywhere using your Clarkson network (Windows) login.


How To Test - After Launching AppsAnywhere

  1. Find the application that you want to test.  Take notes on:
    1. How easy it is to find the app
    2. Is the icon/name/description accurate
    3. Anything else you notice, prior to launch
  2. To launch an app, move your mouse over the application in AppsAnywhere and click the green "Launch" button.   During launch, take notes on:
    1. How long does it take to launch the app
    2. How much longer is this than usual?
    3. Anything else during the launch
  3. After the launch, verify & take notes on:
    1. Are all features/components installed that are needed for the application
    2. Are the features/components working properly & fast enough
  4. Also check other features such as:
    1. Can you save files
    2. Open saved files
    3. Print
  5. Close the application and take notes on anything that may be out of the ordinary while closing the application.
  6. Please take all those notes, and send them to, and be sure to list the application that you are testing.