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Echo: Teaching Assistants

We've outlined what a TA can and cannot do here:

Copied the relevant section below:

Teaching Assistants CANNOT:

  • View or export student analytic data; teaching assistants cannot see the Analytics tab for the section.
  • View polling responses outside of the classroom; teaching assistants cannot see the Polling tab for the section. Teaching assistants can see responses for each slide IN the classroom, but these are not associated with individual students
  • Control any section feature settings; teaching assistants cannot see the Settings tab
  • Enroll or remove users from the section; these features reside on the Settings tab
  • Create or control section Access links; this feature resides on the Settings tab
  • Launch Ad Hoc captures for the section using the Start Capture/Universal Capture button (teaching assistants do not see the button)
  • Delete classes or collections of classes
  • Remove media from a class (if they do not own it; see Limitations)

The Section and Class management tasks teaching assistants can perform may include:

Teaching Assistants may also be able to perform the following on content they do NOT own, simply by virtue of being an teaching assistant in the section. Note that some of these capabilities are determined by the Section > Settings > Features toggle settings, which can be controlled by an Instructor or Administrator: