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Accessing Network Drives Via Web Browser

Clarkson network drives can be accessed through web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Student, staff and faculty are allotted quota space on the U drive:

  • Student, Staff and Faculty - 1gb
  1. In your web browser to to and authenticate with your Clarkson username and password. Enter the username as ad\username


2. This will place you in the root directory. Navigate accordingly depending on if you want to access the S drive or the U drive.

  • S drive: Data\Classes, Clubs, Departments, Organizations, Programs, Projects. Select applicable space.
  • U drive: Employee Home Directory


3. To navigate to a location on the S drive, provided the user has been granted access rights, click on Data in the left hand pane and navigate accordingly. Users must know the path/location to the folder they have access to


4. Once the file is located, double click on it and select Download to open the file for editing.


5. Save the file when done.