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Echo360 Content Life Cycle


This article describes the policy that manages Echo360 content storage and availability at Clarkson University. 


Echo360 content includes lecture captures, personal captures, media uploads and any other media published to courses in the Echo360 platform.

Deleted Content:

Faculty, staff and students may choose to delete content from their Echo360 library by placing it in Trash at any time. Trashed content is permanently deleted 30 days after it is placed in Trash. 

Archived Content:

Echo360 content is automatically moved to the Archive folder 24 months after the last time it was viewed.

Archived content is not deleted and is instead moved from your Library to the Archive folder for access in the future.

Archived content can be reviewed and restored, and content can be fully restored exactly as is, previous to the archive. The created date is not reset and the content is in a protected state and won't be archived automatically again.

Faculty, staff and students may unarchive their own content at any time. 

IN DRAFT: Not yet effective as of June 27, 2024

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