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Snell 130 - The CEC

The primary controller for the Snell CEC classroom is the Extron MLC 104 IP Plus (Media Source Controller).

This room is equipment list:

  1. Extron MLC 104 IP Plus (Media Source Controller)

  2. Extron MPS 602 SA (Presentation Switcher)

  3. Extron Speakers

    1. Two wall mounted at the front of classroom
    2. Two ceiling mounted near the back for the classroom
  4. Desktop Computer (including Keyboard & Mouse)

  5. Wacom Touch Panel display (and stylus/pen)

  6. Second Desktop Display

  7. Desktop gooseneck microphone

  8. 3 USB Cameras

    1. (Primary/Rear) Aver Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera mounted near the back of the classroom
    2. (Front) Huddly IQ, intelligent framing webcam
    3. (Lectern) Standard Logitech Webcam
  9. 3 LCD Displays

    1. Primary (center) 85" Display
    2. Left - 75" LCD Display
    3. Right - 75" Samsung Flip TouchScreen Display
      1. How to share the Samsung Flip content on the other two screens
  10. Power Lift EB Lectern