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Technology Recommendations for Distance and Online Learning

The following are minimum recommendations only.  Please check with your course instructors for any additional resources that are required to complete the desired course of study.

For successful distance or online learning, students must have access to:

1) Reliable high-speed Internet service: Cable, telephone and cellular providers may be an option. Check listings for availability in your area.

Minimum 1 Mbps down/ 512 Kbps up 

2) Personal Desktop or Lap Top Device: See Clarkson's minimum computer specifications for students.

3) Audio/Visual Peripherals:

Microphone: USB Wired Headset recommended for best quality.

Speakers: Required if not using a headset.

Webcam: Required.

4) Applications:

Access Software Tools: Microsoft Office 365 is free for Clarkson students to install on your device. More information on installing Office and other popular applications available for home use.

Web Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge.