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How to Run Job on ABAQUS/2022 on ACRES

The following script can be used to run jobs on ABAQUS/2022 on ACRES. In this script, an input file called JobName.inp from Abaqus is being used to run a job on 2 nodes and 80 processors (40 processors per node) on the general partition of ACRES.


#SBATCH --job-name=JobName #job name

#SBATCH --output=JobName.txt #output file name

#SBATCH --nodes=2 #number of nodes to use

#SBATCH --partition=general #partition name

#SBATCH --licenses=abaqus

#SBATCH --tasks-per-node=40

#SBATCH --ntasks=80 #number of processors

#SBATCH #sends an email when job starts/finishes

#SBATCH --mail-type=ALL

module purge

module load pmix

module load abaqus/2022

unset SLURM_GTIDS ## If you want to run on a single node, remove this line

export SLURM_MPI_TYPE=pmix

abq2022 job=JobName input=JobNa__me.inp double cpus=40 mp_mode=mpi interactive

To run on specific node(s), you can add this following command in your script:

#SBATCH --nodelist=nodename1,nodename2

Save this script as in the same folder where JobName.inp exists. The use the following command to submit the job on ACRES:

$ sbatch

The details (job ID, partition, job name, user, status of the job, run time, number of nodes used and node list) of your job can be found using the following command:

$ squeue –u username

To cancel a job, use the following command to cancel the job:

$ scancel jobID