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Lavaliere/Lapel Microphone tips

Lavaliere Microphones, also called Lapel mics, body mics, or clip mics are used in many of our classroom settings. Here are few tips to get the best results

Image result for dead battery Always test the microphone before your class/event. Make sure you have sufficient battery power and replace weak batteries as needed.
Lavaliere1.png Place the microphone 4" to 6" below your chin - general rule is about mid breastbone.

Too close to your chin will create a distorted/throaty sound. Too far away will decrease the sound level and make your recording quiet.

Keep the microphone in the center of your body and keep the wire as straight and tangle free as possible.

Secure the transmitter to your belt, waistband, or in a pocket.
Lavaliere2.png If you have find that you move your head to one side during your presentation, you should offset microphone slightly to the side that you turn your head towards. Turning away from the microphone will cause the decrease sound level in the recording of you voice.

Additional instructions and troubleshooting can be found here:

Using a Wireless Lapel Microphone in the Classroom