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Yet Another Mail Merge Install Steps

  1. Go to and install the add-on
  2. Open up Gmail.
  3. Create your Mail template – start a new message and enter the text you want your email to say.  You will want to enter a subject line, something to indicate what you are sending out. 
    If you have fields you want to enter, you insert them by typing <>.  These fields need to match the columns that are in the header row of your data source.
    When you are all done click on the X to close the drafts window.  This saves all your changes and puts the folder in Drafts.


4. Data Source – in Gmail, on the top right-hand side, click on the Google app launcher button and select google sheets


5. Google Sheets –  click on Start a new Spreadsheet, and choose blank


6. If you already have a data source, an Excel spreadsheet that has all your fields and email addresses in them, you can open it by going to File – Open.  If it is on your computer, click on Upload, and click on the blue button that says “Select a file from your computer”

7.  In the top menu bar, select Add-ons – Yet Another Mail Merge – Start Mail Merge
This will ask you for what column has all the email addresses.  Select the column header that contains addresses.  Click on Save.


8. Here is where you choose the draft message you created that has your email template.  Click on the arrows to see a list of drafts.  Select the one you need.
In the Sender name, you can put whomever you want the email to come from.


9. When you are all done, you can click Send Emails, and the emails will start to send.  In the Google sheets document, you will see the status of the emails.  The emails will be put in your sent folder in Gmail.  There is a 1500 email limit per DAY.  It will tell you what your quota is and how many are left.