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Mail Merge

You can use mail merge in Gmail to send personalized email campaigns, newsletters, and announcements to a wide audience. 

Mail merge lets you personalize messages with merge tags, such as @firstname and @lastname. When you send your message, each recipient gets a unique copy of the email in which the merge tags are replaced with their details.

Learn how mail merge works

When you send a message with mail merge turned on, Gmail delivers a unique copy of the message to each recipient individually.

When recipients open your message, they can’t check who else you sent the message to. If anyone replies, you'll get their replies in separate threads, which makes it easier to manage conversations.

If you have a large number of recipients, you can link a spreadsheet that contains their contact information. The spreadsheet can also include custom details for each recipient that lets you further personalize your message.

Mailing Limitations

With mail merge, you can:

  • Add up to 1,500 recipients in the “To” line per message
  • Send to a maximum of 1,500 recipients per day
    • With mail merge on, you can send one message to 1,000 recipients and another message to 500 recipients.