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Configuring Wireless Using Windows

Guest and General Access

Turn on Wi-Fi and connect to the network (SSID) ClarksonUniversity.


You are now connected.

Secure and Elevated Access

It's possible to secure your wireless connection usingeduroam®. In some cases, this connection will provide elevated access to on-campus resources. You will also be able to use your Clarkson University credentials on this wireless network at other participating organizations.

  1. Open a web browser and navigate to If you receive any certificate or verification errors, please stop the process and notify the IT HelpDesk.

    Click Click here to download your eduroam® installer.

  2. Select Clarkson Universityfrom the list. Begin typing "Clarkson" to filter if necessary.

  3. Click **Download your **eduroam® installer****verifying that the correct operating system has been detected.

  4. Open the downloaded file. Click Next.

  5. Enter your full Clarkson account username including the "" suffix (this will typically match your email address) as well as your Clarkson account password (twice), and click Install.

The profile is now installed. Click Finish. Your device should automatically connect to the eduroam network if in range. To verify, check the Wi-Fi menu in the taskbar.