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Duo Setup and Use on a Mobile Device

Setting up Duo for your mobile device

Before you start you must have :

  • Your cell phone ( iOS 13 or newer or Android 8 or newer is required )
  • A laptop or desktop computer to log into the DuoPortal
  • If you have the DUO Mobile App installed it must be granted access to your cell camera until this process is complete. 

To enroll, open a web browser on your COMPUTER and visit

  • Enter your username and password into the standard Clarkson Login page.


  • this takes you to the device management page to enroll. Click Next to learn why protecting your identity with two-step verification is important and begin the setup process.


  • Choose your verification method by clicking on Duo Mobile.  This will allow you to Approve Duo Push verification requests on iOS or Android devices, or generate a one-time passcode from the Duo Mobile app.  If you need to add a hardware token, please contact the helpdesk.


  • Enter your mobile phone number and click Continue.   If you're going to use Duo Mobile on a device with no phone service, don't enter a phone number and click I have a tablet instead..


  • If you entered a phone number, you will asked to confirm it.  Verify the number carefully, then click Yes, it's correct.  If the phone number you entered already exists in Duo as the authentication device for another user then you will need to contact the HelpDesk for assistance.


  • Install the Duo app on your mobile device.  In your devices app store, search for Duo Mobile and install the app.   Once you have the app installed, click Next 


    • You will be presented with a QR code.  Open the Duo Mobile and click Use QR Code (or find the option to +Add an account) and scan the presented QR code that is presented.  On your mobile device, click Save


    • Congratulation!  you have setup Duo Mobile on your device.  Click Continue


    • Click Log in with Duo to log into your account.


    • Duo will send a prompt to your mobile device.  When you click Accept on your mobile device, you login will be complete, you you will be returned to the Duo Portal.


    Logging in to a Duo enabled account

    • Periodically you will be required to authenticate with Duo in addition to entering your username and password.  You will be presented with one of the following dialog boxes, depending on the options you chose during setup.  

      NewPrompt.JPG     Verified.JPG

    • If you are authenticating using push notifications, authorize your login on your mobile device.  If you are authenticating with a passcode, retrieve it from the Duo app on our mobile device or from your hardware token.  Please note, when entering a passcode you must Click on the green "Enter a Passcode" button before the application will allow you to enter the passcode from your device.