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Zoom: Publish Zoom Recording to Echo Course

Zoom and Echo360 at Clarkson are integrated which means when a Clarkson user hosts a Zoom session and chooses to record to the cloud, AND that user has an active Echo360 account, the Zoom recording will automatically upload to the user's Echo library. Note: please plan for servers to process the recording (2-4 hour delay) before Zoom cloud recordings are available for viewing in Echo.

If you haven't already, you must first:

  • activate a Clarkson Zoom account- go to:, Click Sign In, and opt for Clarkson Sign On. 

  • activate a Clarkson Echo360 account- go to:, and follow prompts to sign in using Clarkson Single Sign On. 

To share recordings created in the Zoom cloud to students:

OPTION I: Instructors can automatically publish all recordings from Zoom meetings to their Course in Echo, and it will appear in Moodle through External Tool link. 

Video tutorial (1.5 min) by Echo: Automatically publish recordings from Zoom Meetings to your Course in Echo. 

Set Up:
  1. Schedule the Zoom meeting you plan to use for all your classes and choose to record to the cloud. 
  2. Add External Tool in your Moodle Course.
  3. From Moodle, at the External Tool link you added in your Moodle course, click to see your Echo course, then click wheel icon drop down and Account Settings button located in upper right menu. 


Alternative: Login at, choose Account Settings, Zoom Settings and map the Zoom meeting ID to the desired Term, Course and Section

4. Click Zoom Settings located on the left menu. Look for the matching Zoom Meeting ID and Name that you plan to use for class. From drop down, locate current term and select your course, section and term. Save all changes.


All future Zoom cloud recordings will publish here for your students to access.

Option 1A:   Instructors can publish recordings from Zoom meetings individually to their Course in Echo, and it will appear in Moodle through External Tool link

For each recording, locate desired recording in Echo in Library. Click on desired recording to view.


  1. Scroll down to view settings below video player. Click Add to a Class. 


  1. Select desired course, term, section and choose New Class.  Fill in details and click Share.


  1. Recording will appear at the External Link in Moodle, and students can access recording from there. 

OPTION II: Instructors can share each recording with a public link. Instructors will need to do this for each recording. 

  1. Share each recording individually with a public link. 

Locate the desired recording in Echo


Scroll down to view options below video player. Click Add Link. Be sure that Public access is on. Copy / Paste URL in Moodle.