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Using EMS Client to Check for Special Event Setup Information

  1. Open EMS by clicking on the EMS Icon on your desktop:
    desktop icon.PNG

  2. You may be prompted for server and database information the first time you log in to EMS.  This information will be stored after you log in but may appear after Windows or EMS client updates.  This is the information you should enter when prompted:

  3. If you have signed on to AD when logging onto your PC, you should automatically log in.  If not, enter your AD credentials:

  4. This will log in to EMS.  You will see the following toolbars at the top of the window:

  5. You can browse all university events by clicking on Book, the left-most icon.

    book empty.PNG

  6. You can then select the date, Building, and View you'd like to see.

    book highlighted.PNG

  7. Example: I selected the CAMP building, and changed the view to daily.  You can then see the events and classes taking place. 
    book camp.PNG

  8. Double-click on an entry to view it.  For this demo, I double-clicked on the Custodian Training event.

    book entry, custodian training.PNG

  9. The above example is a simple setup with no instructions.  A more complicated event will have details entered by Room Reservations or Special Events staff.  An example is included below.  Underneath the furniture will be special instructions regarding placement.

    special instructions.PNG

  10. In addition to viewing the event, you can also run a Setup Worksheet report.  To do that go to reports in the main menu.

  1. Go to daily > setup worksheet.
    daily setup worksheet.png
  1. You will be prompted to provide more information to run the report, such as a start date and end date.

    worksheet blank.PNG

    worksheet highlight.PNG

  2. Hit print preview to see the report on your screen.  (Print will print the report.)  For the demonstration, I selected a date range.  The completed report looks is below:
    worksheet report.PNG