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Find-Me/BizHub Printing for Faculty & Staff FAQs

Q: Will departments continue to have their own printers?

A: We are making a shift from printers/copiers leased by individual departments to devices managed by central purchasing. As such, these university resources will be centrally funded. While machines will be located in both public spaces and within departmental offices, individuals/departments will only be charged for their actual usage.

Q: Does this impact department-owned individual/desk-side printers? 

A: This current project to implement new BizHub printers is not impacting the individual/desk-side printers or policy for purchasing replacement supplies at this time. If anything changes, there will be additional communication around updates and timeline. 

Q: How big are these printers?

A: 44" Wide x 30" Deep x 48" tall.

Q: Who pays for the paper?

A: Cost of paper will be centrally funded, and per-page billing will include that amount as a part of the charge out.

Q: Will departments continue to order paper they need for the printer in their department from central supply, and central supply will deliver it to them?

A: Yes! Please continue to order paper to supply the device located in your Department’s office from central supply as has been done in the past.

Q: Will students be able to print to devices located in departmental offices?

A: Technically, yes. As always, students will be encouraged to use printers in our public computer lab locations

Q:What is the charge per print? 

A: Non-student accounts are charged $0.05/page color and $0.02/page for black and white, duplex or single sided. 

Q: How will the department be charged for usage?

A: Cost of paper and consumables will be centrally funded, and per-page billing will include that amount as a part of the charge out.

Q: Are we going to be able to put locks on the paper drawers?

A: No.  Printers in the public labs have not had locks on them and the university has not experienced significant paper loss.

Q: Will student employees be able to print as part of their job duties?

A: Yes. Departments who wish to direct student employee printing costs to their department can add student names to their Department Group. Contact to request a group set up for your department.