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Find-Me Printing FAQs

Q: How can I learn more about operating the new Find-Me printers?

A: View these 3-5 min training videos.

Q: Where are the printers located?

A: Here is a list of our printer locations.

Q: How do I print to a Find-Me printer?

A: The "Find-Me in Black & White" and "Find-Me in Color" printers have already been added to Computer Lab and Classroom computers. 

To add Find-Me printers to your Windows 10 Device. 

To add Find-Me printers to your iOS Mac Device.

For wireless printing (Web Print),

  • print\Find-Me in Black & White (virtual)
  • print\Find-Me in Color (virtual)
  • NOTE: Wireless Printing is double-sided only at this time.

Q: I'm using Wireless Printing (aka Web Print) but it says there are no printers available.

A: redirects to  If you are still seeing a "print5" address like instead of your computer has cached the old page and you need to clear your browser cache

Q: What is the charge per print? 

A: Student printing costs remain unchanged
Faculty/Staff printing cost info can be found on the Faculty & Staff FAQs.

Q: Will everyone have to use an ID swipe to get their prints?

A: Yes - Touch your ID to the badge scanner (see item 1 on the picture to the right)

Q: How long until I’m logged out of the device?

A: 30 seconds, but we recommend that you manually log out before stepping away from the printer.

Q: Can we hole punch and staple?

A: The new devices do not hole punch. They do staple. There are two options for stapling: internal and external.

    • External stapling is done by placing the document face down, short-side of the paper into the slot on the left side of the printer
      (See item 2 on the picture to the left)
    • Internal stapling - See instructions here


Q: How long will a print job that I send to Find Me Printer be available for print?

A: 3 days

Q: Can you scan and send to someone other than yourself?

A: We believe yes. This is currently being set up and tested.

Q: When adding someone to the address book, is it available on other devices? Is it available to everyone?

A: The address book is local to the printer and does not follow the individual.

Q: How can I print if I don’t have my ID (forgot at home/lost)?

A: You can enter your username/password into a printer using the touch panel keypad.  Lost/stolen ID cards should be reported to Campus Safety immediately and a replacement card can be issued.  Please note that newly issued cards will have a 24-hour period before they are synched with the printers.