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Clarkson University FileDrop

About the Clarkson University FileDrop Service...

CU FileDrop is Web Based Secure File Transfer Service. It uses encryption and decryption methods to secure file drop-offs and file pickups. Seeing most email clients/services have a limit on Attachment sizes we highly suggest you use CU FileDrop to send files larger than 25MB. The maximum size allowed for a file to be dropped off is 2.15GB. If you need to send a file that needs to be encrypted this is the right service for you to use.  If you need to transfer a file that is larger than 2.15GB please contact the OIT Helpdesk. 

  • If you are a member of the University, you can log in with your Clarkson Username and password and send files to anyone, in or out of the University.
    Start by logging in and then clicking the "Drop-off" button.
  • If you are not a member of the University, you cannot log in but you can still send files to people in the University if you know their email address.
    Start by clicking the "Drop-off" button.
  • If you are a member of the University and wish to ask someone outside the University to send you some files, you can make the process a lot easier for them by logging in and then clicking the "Request a Drop-off" button.
    This means the other person does not have to pass any tests to prove who they are, which makes the whole process a lot quicker for them.
  • Files are automatically deleted from Clarkson University FileDrop 14 days after you upload them, so you don't need to manually clean up.

To access CU FileDrop please go to: