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Samsung Flip WM75A User Guide

This is a work in progress.

Quick Start

Welcome to the Samsung Flip.  Turn the unit with the power button on the lower right-hand corner of the screen bezel.  The unit should power up in less than 3 seconds.  Here some general use.

  • Draw with the included Pens (should be magnetically attached to the side of the screen)
  • Thin end is Drawing, Thick end is a highlighter
  • Tap and hold the screen to select different colors
  • All "Pens" must use the same colors at the same time.
  • Erase with your hand (finger, palm, etc)
  • Easiest way to save your work is to internal storage or a USB drive.


The Samsung Flip is essentially a "smart whiteboard."  When you first turn the unit on, it defaults to the standard white board, in pen (drawing) mode.

A new file, called a "Roll" is created each time the unit is turned on.

What's a 'Roll'?

  • A 'roll' is a file with multiple pages (up to 20) linked together.
  • You can open only one roll on one screen. 
  • BRUSH MODE supports one page only


  • You can use the supplied pen/stylus to write anything you
    • Thin Tip (A ): Pen Type
    • Thick Tip (B ): Highlighter Type
  • You can change the pen/highlighter thickness and color by touching and holding the screen with the pen.


  • You can use your finger or palm to erase your writing.

Saving your Roll

  • By default, the Samsung flip has internal storage that you can save your Roll to.
  • Press the menu option at the bottom of the screen  
  • You should see options for 
    • NEW - Create a new roll.
    • SAVE - Save the current roll.
    • ROLL BROWSER - Open, delete or export saved rolls.
    • FORMS - Change the background of the whiteboard.
      • This menu is only visible in PEN MODE mode.
      • ROLL LOCK: Press a six-digit password to lock the current roll.
      • UNLOCK: To unlock a locked roll, press the six-digit password you set when locking the
      • Once unlocked, the current roll remains unlocked until it is locked again.
    • SETTINGS - You can see the configuration menu.
    • HOW TO USE - You can view How To Use.

Importing Content from another source

    • Tapping on the Side navigation button will bring a menu, select IMPORT

    • The native FLIP format (.iwb) refers to files that are directly saved from the device and only
      supported by FLIP devices.

    • Supported video file formats: avi, mkv, asf, wmv, .mp4, mov, 3gp, vro, mpg, mpeg, ts, tp, trp,
      flv, vob, svi, m2ts, mts, .webm, .rmvb

    •  Supportable image file formats: JPG, BMP, PNG, MPO

    • Supported document file formats: DOC, PPT, PDF, XLS, XLSX

      image2022-3-9_11-16-6.pngDisplays the screen from a mobile device by using Smart View or Screen
      Mirroring function.
      |image2022-3-9_11-16-24.pngDisplays your PC screen using HDMI, DisplayPort, OPS connection or Wireless
      image2022-3-9_11-16-35.pngYou can display the screen shared from your PC, mobile, or tablet.
      image2022-3-9_11-16-55.pngImport videos, images, native FLIP files, or document files from a USB device.
      image2022-3-9_11-17-5.pngConnect the network to access the Internet from the product like accessing
      the Internet from a computer.
      image2022-3-9_11-17-19.png Access to remote PC and your work resources with this function. |

Connecting to a PC

  • Connecting using a cable
    • Connect the product to the PC using an HDMI or DP (Display Port) cable.
      • HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) contents will not show on the screen if PIP Capture is set to On.
      • When the screen is black, turn off PIP Capture because some graphic cards can support HDCP automatically.
      • Select IMPORT → PC → HDMI, DisplayPort from the top of the screen.
      • To control the PC from the touch screen, connect the supplied USB A to USB B cable to the TOUCH
        port on the product.
      • If used in a multi-screen setup, make sure you have configured FLIP as the main display.

Connecting via the Wireless Display function

  • This function is only available for laptops running Windows 8.1 or newer that supports the Wireless Display function
  • Select Action Center or Devices in the taskbar notification area of the laptop
  • Click Connect or Project and select a [Flip] Samsung WMA Series device to complete the
  • The connection procedure may vary depending on the laptop
  • After the Wireless Display connection is made, you can control the laptop screen from the
    product screen

Connecting via SMARTVIEW+

  • You can display the screen shared from your PC, mobile, or tablet
  •  Select SMARTVIEW+
  • Once SMARTVIEW+ starts, follow the onscreen instruction to connect with the desired
  • The CA certificate installation is required for the PC Client, and you can download the CA
    certificate from the URL provided in the initial screen of SMARTVIEW+
  •  If the Client device’s screen aspect ratio differs from the Flip, the Client device may
    transmit a partially cropped screen. You may experience a partially cropped image of the
    Client device’s screen on Flip since it displays according to the signal received from the
    Client device
  • SMARTVIEW+ supports the following browsers: Chrome / Safari / Edge / Firefox

Importing from a USB Device

  • Connect an external HDD or a USB storage device.
  • You can import videos, images, native FLIP files (.iwb), or document files

Connecting to Internet

  • Connect the network to access the Internet from the product like accessing the Internet from a
  • You can Capture, reposition, or see the browser window in full-screen view.
  • Note: Some pages may not appear or work due to compatibility issues.


  • REMOTE PC: This function allows you to connect your product to a remote PC or a cloud
    server running on macOS/Windows 7 Pro or newer
  • Office 365: Provides access to Office 365 features from Microsoft
  • NETWORK DRIVE: Connect the network drive to bring files.