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Teaching with Clarkson Zoom

This article will walk you through how to log in, schedule and set up a Zoom meeting, navigate the Zoom Meeting page, start a meeting, navigate your Zoom meeting tools, share your screen, and get help with Zoom. Also, there is a link to the article on how to set up polling and breakout rooms. in Zoom

Step-by-step guide

Activate Your Clarkson University Zoom Account

  1. Navigate to you can use the Zoom access link in your Moodle course if you want to make your meeting recording available within your Class Recording links)

  2. Log in to using your Clarkson credentials.

  3. Bookmark your Clarkson Zoom homepage. This is where you will schedule and start your meetings.

Explore your Clarkson Zoom homepage

Your Clarkson Zoom homepage has everything you need to set up a meeting with students, record the meeting, and retrieve the recording to share afterward.

  1. Profile-click on this link to add an image that will show in your Zoom meeting when you have the video turned off. Review the other profile settings


2. Meetings-The meetings tab is the most important, so this screenshot is taken on the Meetings tab.

3. Webinars-Probably will not be useful for student-teacher purposes. For those interested view the Zoom Meeting vs Webinar

4. Recordings-click on this link to retrieve any meetings you have recorded. Note that Cloud recordings will be deleted after 30 days, if you want to keep them longer, download the file to your computer.

5. Settings-this area is very important for customizing your Zoom meetings. This is where you can turn on options such as a waiting room where students will wait until you let them into the meeting and polls.

6. Schedule a Meeting-for the most up-to-date information on scheduling a meeting, follow the steps on the Clarkson Zoom Meet Responsibly This page will provide you with best practices for students, and how to Manage controls when ‘In Meeting’ including

  • Waiting Room – admit/admit all
  • Participants – mute/unmute, remove
  • Chat – host can disable the chat
  • Share Screen – allow participants to share
  • Annotation – participant CAN annotate; the host can turn off Annotation.

7. Upcoming (Meetings)- meetings will automatically show on your Zoom Meetings page-Upcoming tab. If you chose to link your Gmail account with Zoom, any Zoom meetings you accept or that you schedule will automatically show up not only on your Zoom Meetings page but also on your Google Calendar.

8. Get help setting up a meeting

Schedule a New Meeting

View the detailed Clarkson Zoom - Setting Up A Meeting

Start a Meeting

  1. Go to
  2. Click the green Sign in button

3. On the Meetings tab

4. Click Upcoming


5. Point to the meeting you want to start and the Start, Edit, and Delete buttons will pop up to the right of the meeting title

6. Click the blue Start button to begin the meeting.


7. Your meeting will launch. Anyone who was invited or has the link to the meeting can join.

8. Note the buttons across the bottom of the screen.

9. Click the drop-down next to the Unmute button to check your audio and settings.

10. Click the drop-down next to the Start Video button to check your video and settings.

Familiarize yourself with the rest of the buttons that are your controls for and during the meeting.


Share Your Screen

Sharing content from your computer display is common for Zoom meetings. You might share a PowerPoint presentation or a webpage, for example. Zoom also offers the option of a whiteboard.

  1. To share your screen with participants, click the green Share Screen button near the center of the bottom navigation menu.
  2. Select a window or an application that you want to share window opens.
    1. You may have several choices available depending on what you have open on your computer and how many displays you have.
    2. Try to choose your main display or computer screen. This way anything you open on your screen will be shared.


Note: When you share your screen, your toolbar may move to the top of the screen and some of the options will be hidden under More…)

Get Help for Zoom

If you are unable to access Clarkson Zoom contact the Clarkson HelpDesk:

If you need help with the specifics of using Zoom, get help at the Zoom Help Center. C__hoose from Articles, Tutorials, Guides, and Videos. All of this is also available in your Zoom meeting account in the lower left corner.


*View the detailed Clarkson Zoom - Logging In - Best Practices

Did you know students at Clarkson have access to their own Zoom account which they can use for synchronous meetings with their class peers?