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Share a VoiceThread That Has Already Been Submitted to an Assignment


Students cannot see each other's submitted VoiceThreads so are unable to make comments.


Students will need to make a copy of their submitted VoiceThread and then Share the VoiceThread copy so their classmates can view and comment on it. Because of the type of assignment set up and the settings chosen in New Assignment, the Share button will not be available to them.

Make a copy of  your submitted VoiceThread and then Share the VoiceThread


  1. Go back to where the VoiceThread was submitted

  2. On the left, click Make a Copy.


  1. Check that you keep all comments

  2. Click Copy and Open VoiceThread.


Now you can share your VoiceThread as usual:

  1. Under the Who Has Access tab-Select your class


  1. On the Secure tab, note you have shared with your class

  2. Allow your classmates to View and Comment

  3. Click the blue Share button.


Now you may comment on other’s VoiceThread copies.