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AppsAnywhere - About

AppsAnywhere is the web-based store for accessing licensed software applications available to Clarkson members using Windows, Apple and other devices.

Release Notes: Version 2.12 Update (see July 12, 2022 announcement)

To access an application from the AppsAnywhere store, Clarkson faculty, staff and students launch AppsAnywhere from the desktop on any University-owned classroom or lab desktop personal computers, secure wireless on campus or VPN connection. Read for details.

Search the AppsAnywhere store to check for availability of your desired application. A list of applications in our AppsAnywhere portal can be found below:

New applications are coming to AppsAnywhere all the time. You may Request An Application be added to AppsAnywhere by emailing

AppsAnywhere icon Look for AppsAnywhere icon found on Clarkson University desktop computers.

Click here to view and introduction video.

If you have a general question? You may find the answer in our FAQs page.