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What technology should I bring to campus?

Welcome to Clarkson! You're probably wondering what type of technology Clarkson has and what type of technology you should bring to campus with you.

Clarkson strongly encourages all students to bring a laptop computer with them to campus.  To support a connected student body, Clarkson has WiFi available in all indoor spaces on campus (and many outdoor spaces too!). 

Computer Requirements

While the selection of an appropriate laptop computer is a personal decision, we do have a few recommendations to help guide you in the process. You can see our Minimum Computer Specification recommendations here (link).

*Unless your student is highly technical and capable of self-supporting, the main operating system on their computer should be either Windows or Mac OS X.  We cannot guarantee that applications will work on other operating systems such as Linux and Chrome. We highly recommend NOT using a Chromebook as your main computer.

What Else Should You Bring?

Technology Who Provides? Details
Handheld Devices You Handheld devices such as tablets and phones are welcome on campus. However, they should not be used as your main computing device as they do not meet the minimum requirements. You are encouraged to sign up for our Emergency notification system using your cell phone number.

In addition, the university required a two-factor authentication security system.  We recommend using the Duo smartphone app is supported on Android 10.0 and greater and Apple iOS 12.0 or greater.
Microsoft Office 365 Clarkson If you are buying a laptop, do not purchase Microsoft Office. Clarkson provides Office 365 for free for students. Instructions are available for accessing Office365 software
Email Clarkson Clarkson provides all students with an email account. Please note that this is the official form of communication for the campus.
Surge Protector You A surge protector is suggested for plugging in student electronic devices.
Printer Clarkson A printer is not required. Students have 24/7 access to printers in the public access computing labs. Students have a quota of 300 pages per semester. Visit the Printing page to find out more about printing services.
Wireless Router No One Do not bring wireless routers and range extenders. WiFi access is available in all residence halls. Personally-operated wireless routers and range extenders interfere with Clarkson-provided WiFi and are prohibited.
Ethernet Cable You While WiFi is available in all residence halls, some students still choose to connect to the wired ethernet port available in their dorm room.

Have Technology Questions?

Students and parents may contact the Help Desk by email ( or by phone (315-268-HELP).