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Bringing Video Embed Code from Echo into Moodle


If you want students to see the actual videos in Moodle (rather than linking the video or linking to all videos for the course), you’ll need to embed them within your course. The first step takes place in your Moodle course where you will get ready to add the code in Moodle.

Steps for Embedding Video into Your Course *

1. Log on to Moodle and access your course.

  1. Click “Turn editing on” in the upper right-hand corner
  2.  Scroll to the bottom of  the module where you want to add the video
  3. Click “Add an activity or a resource” (or go to Edit Settings of the page where you want to add video)

2.  Choose the Location Based on Your Needs

  1. Options: If you have more than one video for a section, create a new Page or use the Text and Media option for one video. Enter some direction as to how the video is used. (More options: Add a video to a Discussion forum and provide questions for interaction about the video. Link the video in a VoiceThread if you want students to make audio comments.)
  2. Next-Within the Content section of the page, click on the Toolbar Toggle icon.
  3. From the expanded Toolbar, click on the Embed Code icon <>
  4. You will Paste the embed code here, or if you do not already have the embed code ready to paste, follow step 3 below.


3. Retrieve Embed Code from Video in Echo360

If you do not already have the embed code from Echo copied on your clipboard, you can retrieve the embed code now and then paste the code in Moodle:

  1.           Keep the window or tab with Moodle open. Open another tab or browser window and navigate to the video you want in Echo360.


  2.           In your Echo course, click on the bottom of the little green box  to the right of the video click Details. 


  3.            Follow the 4 red steps on the screenshot below.

1.  Scroll down and 2. Click on the Share Link-Embed Code-Copy

3. Copy the embed code-you will paste this in Moodle. 4. Click Done.



4. Bring the Embed Code into Moodle

  1.           Return to your Moodle window/tab. You should still see the HTML source editor on your screen from #2 instructions above.
  2.           Paste the shared Embed Code you copied in Echo into the HTML source editor.
  3.           From the expanded Toolbar, click on the Embed Code icon <>
  4.        Paste the code in the HTML editor.


  5.          Click the Update button at the bottom of the HTML page and then save your page changes.


  6.          Click “Save and Display”.
  7.         Check that the video is viewable by clicking on the arrow to start the video.