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Computer & Printer Locations


Clarkson University offers several desktop computer workstations and printing devices accessible to student, faculty and staff use. See below for locations.

Desktop Computer Locations:

Alternative: Personal laptops can access Clarkson's data network via ports located across campus, or Clarkson's wireless data network in classrooms and group study spaces.

Building: Location: OS:
Bertrand H. Snell Hall Snell 239, Snell 241 Windows 10
Bertrand H. Snell Hall Center for Excellence in Communication (CEC)  Windows 10
CAMP CAMP 163, CAMP 171, CAMP 172 Windows 10
Education Resource Center (ERC) 1st Floor ERC - 4 Stations
2nd Floor ERC - 21 Stations
Windows 10
Rowley Rowley 140  Windows 10
Science Center SC 334 Windows 10/LINUX

Find Me Printer Locations:

See articles for additional information on: Printer BalancesWireless Printing. Building names linked to location on Google Maps.

CAMP Graham Bertrand H Snell
CAMP 171A near OIT Office Graham 1003 Snell 1st Floor Atrium
CAMP 102 Graham 2nd Floor near elevator Snell 165
CAMP 156
Snell  239/241
CAMP 220 Holcroft Snell 265
CAMP 257 Holcroft 2nd Floor near Breakroom Snell  3rd Floor Hallway near Petersen
CAMP 350 Holcroft 3rd Floor Hallway

Student Center
Cheel Price Student Center 120
Cheel Press Box Price 1003
Cheel 200 Price 2210

Clarkson Hall Quad TAC 207
CH 1000 HS Library

Quad C1000F -

1st Floor Hallway near Vending

CH 1001
Woodstock Lodge
CH 2202 Rowley WSL 100 Main Lobby
CH 3012 Rowley 140

Alumni Gym
ERC Science Center Alumni Gym 108
ERC 1112 Library SC 125
ERC 1st Floor Atrium near Ignite SC 170C
ERC 2nd Floor Student Study Space SC 275
ERC 2nd Floor near OIT Help Desk SC 319
ERC 2305 SC 357