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One Note - Exporting from a Work or School account

If you would like to keep a copy of a OneNote notebook linked to your school or work account in a location that is not stored in a Microsoft365 cloud server follow the instructions below. Microsoft does not currently support exporting OneNote documents directly via OneNote for the Web for work or school accounts. 

NOTE: This feature is limited on Mac. Mac users will only be able to save single pages as PDF rather than export the whole notebook as a OneNote file (*.one). We recommend that Mac users use the copy option listed above instead.

  1. Access OneNote online through the Microsoft 365 portal


  2. Locate the notebook that you wish to export. Click on the 3 dots next to the OneNote document that you wish to download/export, then select Open in Desktop app.


    NOTE: If your goal is to simply access your OneNote documents using the desktop app and you don't need to make a local copy, you can stop here. The document will be available directly from the desktop app in the future.

  3. Once your OneNote document is open in your OneNote desktop application, you can save a local copy of the file:
    1. On Windows: select File > Export. Then select either Page, Section, or Notebook and choose the File Type you'd like to export it as. 


    2. On Mac: Select File > Save as PDF.