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Zoom - Setting Up A Meeting

NOTE:  Even though Zoom will allow you to schedule multiple concurrent meetings, you can only host one meeting at a time.  (More Info)

Follow this recommended guide for Zoom meeting set up: 

  1. Go to, click Sign In. Use Clarkson Username and Password to Sign in to your Clarkson Enterprise Level Zoom Account. 

  2. After signing in, select "Meetings" in the left side menu. Click Schedule a New Meeting.

  3. In "Schedule a Meeting" fill out the information. 

Topic: (Fill in)


When: Select Date, Time, Duration, and check if recurring event. 


Registration: Check when you wish to require registration. Recommended for all publicly advertised Zoom meeting events. Not recommended for regular recurring for class and other small internal meetings.

Meeting ID: select Generate Automatically. AVOID USING: Personal Meeting ID

Security: Passcode: the default should be checked and populated with auto generated passcode.

Waiting Room: Check (if desired).

Require authentication to join: Recommended when ALL attendees are from Clarkson, i.e. class, internal training, and meetings. Zoom meeting hosts may allow exceptions by adding known external guests via email in the meetings settings area. More info from Zoom Support.  


Meeting Options: 

Video Host: default Off

Video Participant: default Off

Audio: default Both

Meeting Options:

Allow participants to join anytime: default Uncheck 

Mute Participants upon entry: default Check

Break Out Room pre-assign: default Uncheck (see Breakout rooms)

Automatically record meeting in the cloud: default Uncheck

Alternative Hosts: enter user name and select from add email address if you want to assign others permission to host the meeting in your absence