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Accessing Kronos from off campus

  1. You will have Connect to the VPN with Windows
  2. Open a web browser and go to
    1. You may get a warning about needing to install or allow Flash.  In the Chrome Browser, you will see a screen like the image below and you need to click on the Get Flash.  
    2. You may get a pop-up blocker warning in the address bar (circled in red above) - if so click on that and then the Manage option
    3. This will open a new tab.  Next to "Block sites from running Flash (recommended)" click on the slider button so that it turns blue and the text now says "Ask first"
    4. Go back to the window/tab for Kronos and click on Get Flash again.  This time you should get a pop-up that says wants to Run Flash.  Click on Approve and then log into Kronos as you normally would.