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Connecting To A PC Using Remote Desktop on an iOS device (iPad, iPhone, etc)

Before learning how to connect PLEASE read the instructions BELOW how to end a remote desktop connection. Doing it wrong will prevent you from connecting again. 

  1. Be sure this is complete : Setting Up My PC To Allow Remote Desktop Connections. 

  2. Download Cisco AnyConnect from the App Store


  3. Download Microsoft Remote Desktop from the App Store


  4. From your home screen, launch Cisco AnyConnect and click on Add VPN Connection


  5.  Enter as both the Description and Server Address and click on Save


  6. You may get a "AnyConnect" Would Like to Add VPN Confirguration dialogue box to pop up, click on Allow


  7. Click on the slider button next two AnyConnect VPN near the upper right corner of the app.


  8. An Authentication window SDFGHJK.PNGwill open.  Enter you Username and Password in the appropriate fields and click on Connect.

  9. If you were successful, you should see a blue check mark next to the and in the very upper right corner, near the battery icon, you should see "VPN" in a small box.
    You are now connected the VPN.  Time to start the Remote Desktop connection.


  10. From the home screen, launch the RD Client and click on the + in the upper right corner and then Add PC.


  1. Enter the PC Name that you want to connect to and click Save.
  1. Click on the name of the computer that you want to Remote Desktop connect to
  1. You should be prompted to enter your username and password and click Continue.
  1. You should now be connected to the remote computer.  Move the pointer around by sliding your finger on the screen.  You can "mouse click" by tapping the screen and you can use an onscreen keyboard by clicking on the Keyboard icon in the menu bar at the top.

 Ending a Remote Desktop Session

When ending your Remote Desktop Connect, DO NOT GO TO THE START MENU AND CLICK SHUTDOWN!  This will turn off the remote computer and then you won't be able to connect to it again.

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