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Desktop Backup

OIT is now offering a backup solution for all Clarkson-owned computers. This service is provided via a backup client that is installed on the computer and communicates with our centralized backup system. Once configured, the system will automatically back up all files on the computer daily. This typically happens overnight, but can be scheduled for any time of day or night that is most convenient for you. Each morning, the designated contact will receive an email report summarizing the previous day's backup activity and indicating the current backup storage space used.

Similar to commercial options, the Clarkson backup system will keep only the most recent changes to your files. When you delete a file, it will be retained in the backup system for 30 days, after which time it will be automatically purged and unavailable for restore.


There are two charges associated with the use of the desktop backup service

  • One-time desktop client cost: $30/desktop
  • Storage: $0.50/GB/year

In almost all cases, backup storage utilization only increases over time, thus we calculate and bill storage usage annually. The amount of storage a node uses on or about June 30th will determine the amount billed on July 1st. The daily node report will provide an estimate of what the expense will be so that users can budget appropriately.

PLEASE NOTE: Your cost will be based on the actual amount of storage consumed on the backup server. This is most likely NOT the same as the size of your disk!

Need help now?

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