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Wireless Data Network

The ClarksonUniversity network is available with no authentication for general and guest network access.

Clarkson University also subscribes to eduroam®. Using eduroam® on-campus, as a member of the University, will connect you to your building's wired network. You will be able to access on-campus resources, as well as the devices you have in your on-campus office or residence, wirelessly.

Instructions for Access

To connect to eduroam®, click here or scan the QR code below, and download the eduroam CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool).


You must use the CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool) linked above to connect to eduroam.

You must provide your username as: when prompted. If you do not include, eduroam will NOT work. 

Detailed instructions for connecting to Wi-Fi at Clarkson University can be found here:


Pervasive wireless has been fully deployed in the following campus buildings:

Residence Halls:

  • Hamlin/Powers
  • Graham Hall: Donahue, Olson, Van Note, Wilson
  • Moore House
  • Price Hall: Farrisee, Ormsby, Newell, Thomas
  • Riverside Apartments
  • The Quad: Brooks, Cubley, Reynolds, Ross
  • Theme Houses
  • Townhouse Apartments
  • Woodstock Village

Academic / Administrative Buildings:

  • 80 Nott Terrace (CRC)
  • ADK Lodge
  • Bertrand H. Snell Hall (New Snell)
  • CAMP
  • Cheel
  • Clarkson Hall
  • ERC
  • Facilities Building
  • Graham Hall
  • Holcroft
  • IRC/Field house
  • Old Main
  • Price Hall
  • Quad Center Core
  • Rowley
  • Science Center
  • Student Center
  • TAC
  • Woodstock Lodge

You are NOT permitted to install your own wireless router, access point, or repeater. Wired network switches are allowed but not supported. If you are experiencing a wireless coverage issue in a building listed above, please contact the IT HelpDesk for assistance.