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Create A Quiz in Moodle

This guide will first show you how to create a quiz shell in the Learning Modules area of your Moodle course. Secondly, you will see how to add questions from your course question bank to the quiz shell.

(Video 6 min) Setting up a Moodle quiz and questions in Moodle 3.4.


I. Create A Quiz: 

From inside your course, in the top right corner click on pencil icon to Turn Editing On


From desired Topic, click on Add an activity or resource, select Quiz, click Add


Fill in the name and details fields, add instructions for students such as how many times they may take the quiz or if there is a time limit. Next adjust the settings of the quiz to your preferences. Click Save and return to course. 

II. Add Questions to the Quiz:

  • Click on the Quiz activity.
  • Select the Edit Quiz button.
  • Click on the Add link on the right.


  • If you are adding questions previously created in your course question bank, click on + from question bank
    Select the drop down menu under Select a category. Locate the category where you uploaded questions for this quiz (example: Chapter 1)
  • Click the box to select all the questions in the category, then click on Add selected question to the quiz (alternatively you can add a random number of questions)
    Adjust the points accordingly. If there are 12 questions, you can set the grade to be 100 and Moodle will calculate the correct percentage achieved by the students.
  • Select Return to: Learning Module (Topic) 1