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Text Editor Toolbar Preferences


Moodle users may choose to customize their text editor options to their preferences. The features of each editor are nuanced to give you the option of displaying text and symbols in various ways, so it is helpful to try out the options before settling on a favorite. For example, TinyMCE HTML editor (legacy) allows you to change font, font size, font color, highlight, etc, quite similar to Word; TinyMCE is popular for its powerful text and numeric editing abilities. Atto editor (default) does not have the color option.

Please note: Sometimes color can be appropriate for emphasis. If you use color in your course, just be careful how you use it, because not everyone can see color. To learn more about the use of color on the web, review this WebAim article on colorblindness.

Example: Moodle Default Text Editor (Atto)


Step-by-step guide to switch editors

  1. Go to the top right of your Moodle Dashboard, click your profile (person icon).  


2. Click Preferences, and then choose Editor Preferences. 


3. Click on the drop down menu to choose the editor you wish to use.


See Text Editor FAQs