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Add Announcements Forum Back After Deletion

The News & Announcements (or Announcements) forum is a special type of forum that can be used by an instructor to email the whole class. In addition to receiving the announcement in an email, the announcements for the semester will also be archived in the forum, so they are available to be referred to by students or the instructor at any time.

If the Announcements Forum has been deleted from a course, it can be added back by following these steps:

  1. On the course homepage, turn Editing on.  image.png
  2. Scroll down on the right side of the page, to the Add a block area and choose to Add the Latest Announcements block:


  3. The Announcements forum will automatically reappear at the bottom of the top section of your course. Drag and drop the forum to wherever it works best for you and your students. Note also that you may rename the forum, Clarkson is currently using the title News & Announcements.


  4. You can add an announcement in the forum or from the Latest Announcements block.