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Forum Grading - Two Ways

Read and rate posts and replies all at once. using a rating scale to grade discussion posts cumulatively. For example, you can separately rate students' initial posts and reply posts, the ratings will then sum in one location in the gradebook.

Setting up the rating scale using the Forum tool:

Within the Forum settings:

  1. Click Ratings to expand the Ratings settings.
  2. Set Aggregate type to Sum of Ratings.
  3. Set Scale to Point.
  4. Set the Maximum grade to the total number of points to be assigned.
  5. Choose the appropriate category:

Grading using Ratings for the Forum:

  1. Navigate to the student's post you would like to grade. (Tip-You can read and rate posts as the discussion is ongoing)
  2. Using the Rate drop down menu, select the number of points you would like to give for that post.
  3. Do the same for any additional posts the student has made based on your grading rubric.
  4. Tip-use the Private Reply option for post feedback.

The gradebook will automatically sum the total points you have assigned for each student within that discussion. If the maximum points are set to 100, the total points will not exceed 100 in the gradebook. So for example, you might grade the initial post based on a 50 points and each additional post based on 25 points. If you should happen to rate more than three posts, the student's total grade would not exceed 100.

Whole Forum Grading

Alternatively, you can grade a students' post and replies in one place.
  1. In the Forum settings, choose Whole forum grading.
  2. Choose Point or Scale for the type according to what's explained in your syllabus. For example, if you plan to grade forum posts out of a 100 as a maximum grade. Choose Point and 100 as shown below:image.png

3. When the forum has ended, click on the link to the forum and click on the Grade users button below the forum: image.png

4. You will then be able to read the posts and replies for each student and assign each a grade:


See detailed information for Using Forum at Moodle Docs.