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Quiz: Quicker Manual Grading

If you want to quickly grade all responses to a single quiz question (rather than grading one entire quiz at a time), you can do that by following these screen prompts: 

Step-by-step guide

  1. Start at the main course page.  Navigate to the desired quiz, click on the quiz name. (Ex. click 'Quiz #5)
    image2015-3-26 13_24_11.png
  2. Once in the Quiz area, scroll down to see the Quiz Administration area on the lower left hand menu:
    image2015-3-26 13_25_45.png
  3. Under Quiz administration > expand Results > click Manual grading:
    image2015-3-26 13_26_25.png
  4. Click on number of responses to be graded by question:

image2015-3-26 13_28_36.png