The following is checklist with helpful reminders for Instructors to complete each term. Links to instructions provided. 

Before Classes Begin:

6 weeks

    1. Create a new course shell in Moodle from Peoplesoft Faculty Center
    2. Draft the Course Syllabus
    3. Post the Course Syllabus
    4. Import a Course Copy
    5. Add course image and other ‘Getting Started‘ information.
    6. Remove unneeded and duplicate content.
    7. Set up content and activities for course modules. 
    8. Update and check dates in assignments, quizzes and other course activities.
    9. More Moodle Support

2 Weeks

    1. ‘Show’ Moodle Course Students need access to their courses in Moodle prior to the start of term. To make that happen, instructors must turn their Moodle course from Hide to Show. Early access helps to avoid first day jitters. Students can confirm their enrollment and access any pre-term information you wish to convey. Instructors can select which information students can see, hide all the rest until a later time. So go ahead, and show that course now!
    2. Set Up Virtual Class and Recordings: (choose ONE)

Option 1: For in person classes, instructors can use Echo360 to record and post for students to view later. Teachers request Echo360 recording through Faculty Center. More about Echo360.
Option 2: For in-person classes with live remote attendees or online classes, Zoom is available for webcasting and recording.

3. Prepare for classroom teaching - instructors should be encouraged to stop in to get acquainted with your classrooms and labs to ensure that everything is working as expected. More classroom technology information available here.

Good Housekeeping:

Moodle courses and Echo360 recordings expire after approximately 2 years. The data is permanently purged from servers, not to be recovered. Course instructors are responsible for maintaining your own copies of desired content past the 2 year period. Be encouraged to perform regular backups to protect your data.

Think about next term: 8+ Weeks Before Term

Make Textbook Selections: Course instructors must submit textbook selections to the Clarkson Bookstore via Barnes & Noble Adoption & Insights Portal (AIP) by clicking the ‘Barnes & Noble Textbooks’ tile in their myCU.  

  • Fall term adoptions: Submit by April 15
  • Spring term adoptions: Submit by October 15 

This process is in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA) which requires all institutions receiving federal financial aid to publish, in time for registration, a list of all required and recommended books and other course materials for all classes offered at the institution.

Contact Bookstore Manager with any questions or comments; 315-268-4300.

Have a question? Need more help?

For questions regarding getting started, or for a consultation with an instructional designer, please contact the HelpDesk (by email at or by phone at 315-268-HELP).