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Moodle 4 FAQs

Below is a collection of questions that the TLC and Helpdesk have frequently received during the early phases of the Moodle 4 Migration.

FAQ List of Questions:

How do I switch my role to student so that I can see the course as they see it?
  1. Click the profile icon in the top right corner of Moodle 4.
  2. Select Switch role to... .

Full article.

Where can I access items previously in the Administration block?

Settings, reports, users, etc. previously found in the Administration block to the left side of your course in Moodle 3 can be navigated to through various methods:

    1. Click the Course Management (gear) icon in the top right corner of your course.
    2. Click the Course Management button on the left side of your course.
    3. Turn on editing and the traditional Administration block displays on the right side of your course.
What happened to QuickMail?

Quickmail was not working correctly in Moodle 4 so please use the alternatives suggested in the Communicating with your Students...article.

What do I do if some students tell me that they could not access the course?

Although students have been contacted in various ways about Moodle 4, you can send them the Quickstart instructions for students for Moodle 4 via News & Announcements.

How do I open my course to students?

Set the course to Show instead of Hide in the Edit Course Settings area - see Make Course Visible to Students.