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Import Grades


This article provides instruction for instructors who wish to import grades from a file source other than Moodle (namely .xls or .csv) into the Moodle Gradebook.

This Guide Will Help You to:

  • Export a stable data source file
  • Import the desired grades into your Moodle gradebook
Video: How To Import Grades (4:30 min)


1) Create a stable source data file that Moodle will accept on import by exporting a copy of your current gradebook.

To Export:

  • Turn editing on. image.png


  • In the Administration block, click to expand Gradebook setup. Locate Export. Select desired file type (Excel spreadsheet is most common). Alternatively, if you are in Gradebook setup, you will see a drop down menu with the same options as shown below:


  • Select desired grade items to export. There is a Select All/None button at the bottom.
  • Select Export format options. The defaults are preferred in most cases. 
  • Save the file as a .csv to a desired destination folder. 

2) Populate Grade Data into the source spreadsheet file. 

  • Copy/Paste grade data to the desired columns.
  • AVOID altering the Column Headings or the student identification information in the original file.

3) To Import:

  • Click Import in the Grades Administration block.
  • Choose file to select to upload. Defaults are preferred in most cases.
  • Click Upload Grades
  • You can preview the import to check that the selections are correct. 
  • Identify user by:
    • Select the desired fields to map. Recommend mapping Email address to Email address
  • Grade item mappings:
    • Select the grade items you wish to map. 
  • Click Upload Grades.


See more about how to Import and Export in Moodle Document for Grade import; Grade export.