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Turnitin For Instructors

Academic Integrity. Streamlined Feedback. Smarter Grading.  Turnitin is integrated into Moodle using the Moodle Direct V2 plug-in, a plug-in that provides a more Moodle-like experience for delivering Turnitin Originality Checking, GradeMark and PeerMark services.

Instructors can add TurnItIn Assignments in Moodle in two ways:


1. How to Create a new Turnitin Assignment in Moodle

1. Click "Turn editing on".










2. Click "Add an activity or resource".


3. Click "Turnitin Assignment 2"

4. Add your Turnitin Assignment information.


5. Click either "Save" button at the bottom of the page.


2. How to add Turnitin to an Existing Assignment

 If you have already created an assignment dropbox, you can turn it into a Turnitin assignment after the fact by following the steps below:

1. Click "Turn editing on"

2. Click  the "Edit" button to the right of the existing assignment.

3. Click "Edit settings".

4. Scroll Down & Click "Turnitin plagiarism plugin settings"

5. Click this dropdown to Enable Turnitin.

6. Choose your desired Turnitin settings for the assignment.

7. Click either 'Save' option at the bottom of the page.



Access complete 'How-To' instructions for creating a TurnItIn 2 Assignment in Moodle here.

The complete Instructor User Manual is found here.

Feedback Studio: 

Beginning Fall 2016, Turnitin Feedback Studio is a complete redesign of the Turnitin interface - simple and clear. It is designed around empowering you and your students by giving you the information and the tools needed for an efficient submission and marking process. Navigation functionality has also been improved in Turnitin Feedback Studio, allowing an easier switching experience between papers and Turnitin features.

Feedback Studio Instructor User Manual

Feedback Studio Student User Manual

2-minute video demo of Feedback Studio

Interactive Demo