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Grading & Certificate of Completion for Pre-matric Courses

To track completion and participation as well as to issue certificates of completion, a gradebook column and certificate tool have been built into your pre-matric course. When your course has finished, please record a grade for each student using the instructions below. After you have finished grading, students who you recorded with a completed grade will be able to access a customized certificate of completion. Use the instructions below to record the grade and view information regarding the certificate. Thank you for your attention on this!

Below is an example of the Completion Certificate module:

Each student who has a Completed grade recorded and saved in the gradebook will be able to access a certificate of completion for the course. At the very bottom of your course, there is a Completion Certificate module. This module is only accessible by students who have the Completed grade in the gradebook. No other students will be able to click to open the Completion Certificate module.

Grading Scale

All pre-matric courses for Summer 2022 have a column in the gradebook named Completion Status that utilizes the following grading scale:

Not completed essentially never showed up or engaged in the course in any way
Participated but did not complete participated by attending session, turned in some activities, etc. but did not meet instructor's expectations for completion
Completed met instructor's expectations for completing course activities

Instructions for Grading

Please select a grade for each student in the course based on their participation and your expectations for completion. To do this from within the gradebook:

  1. Click the pencil icon in the Completion Status column.

  2. In the Grade column, click the dropdown menu to the right of each student's name and select their grade.

  3. When you are finished entering each student's grade, click the Save button to the top right.

  4. Post the following announcement in your course letting students know that you have provided their Completion Status and how they can access their Completion Certificate. Instructions for posting an announcement.

    Thank you for enrolling in --------. As a result of your participation, I have posted your completion status, which you may view by clicking This course, then Grades from the top left of the course. Your status is located next to the Completion Status row. If you have received a status of Completed, you may access your Certificate of Completion from the Completion Certificate link at the bottom of the homepage of this course then following the instructions listed. If you have not received a status of Completed, you will not be able to access the certificate.

Alternately, here is a short video showing how to add Completion Status to your Let's Get Tech course.

Certificate of Completion

 Upon opening the module, students can click on the certificate link, and a PDF of the certificate will be emailed to their Clarkson email address. You do not need to do anything with this, as it is already set up in your course. Please don't alter anything within this module so that the certificate works as it should.

Sample certificate: