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Attendance Activity


Teachers (and students!) can take attendance during class and then students are able to view their own attendance record and teachers can run attendance reports by using the Attendance Activity. The attendance activity can be linked to the Grader Report. Teachers can use the default markings for attendance status: "Present", "Absent", "Late", or "Excused" or customize the markings.


The following work flow allows students to record their own attendance in class using Moodle Attendance activity and an automatically generated password.

Part 1-Steps to add Attendance Activity to your course:
  1. Turn Editing On

  2. Scroll to the bottom of a mod to Add Activity/Resource
  3. Select Attendance


  4. Fill in the Settings as desired

  5. Save and Return to Course
Part 2-Add Sessions:

Click on the Attendance link to set up the sessions. Create 1 or multiple sessions where you will take attendance or check the box to allow students to log their own. Note this option allows you to check the URL.



Individual sessions can be edited at any time:


Part 3-Take attendance

At start of class, log in to Moodle, click to course, click on Attendance activity, click day's session, and click key icon to generate password (if this option was selected.  Write password on the board for students to enter.  


Note: The default PLEA are customizable to your labels.

Student Taking Own Attendance

Student logs into Moodle, clicks to course, click on Attendance activity, and enters password.  In this example, student will need to enter password within first 10 minutes of class start time.

Slight Changes in the Process for META Courses:

 Once you have your sessions added, you can delete known exceptions for breaks, holiday, etc. :


Set all attendance buttons

Another way

Web Tools Wednesday Webinar (31 minutes) Follow along as Prof Andriano walks through set up, as well as using the process in class to take attendance. Please note that the screens will look different in this video, however the process is nearly the same in Moodle 4.

More detailed information is on the Attendance Activity Page in Moodle Docs.